Getting Back to Natural Living

make the change to a healthier you

I am Elvira, founder of Getting Back to Natural Living.

A few years ago, after having children, I decided to start on a journey of well-being.
Tired, both literally and  figuratively of living an unhealthy lifestyle I made the
switch to creating a healthier more natural, 'back to basics' lifestyle.

As I got more educated about what was in our food and skin care products
I realized there had to be a better way of living. 

Our lives have become so inundated with chemicals, harmful ingredients
that you wouldn't want anywhere near you, especially in skin care products.
So in the days that followed, slowly and with determination that my kids will
grow up to be as chemical free, as their grandparents were.

I started to live a healthier lifestyle.

I started researching raw ingredients from nature,
not ones that were man made, and realized that that was all we needed.
After many late nights of trial & error, as well as lots of
testing on all willing family members (big thanks to the hubby!)  

I am happy to offer all of you a chance to get back to Natural Living.

Making sure you are beautiful on the outside while being healthy on the inside!